The COGCast is a bi-weekly podcast series featuring a variety of topics and issues relevant to the western Riverside subregion in 20-minute episodes.  Every episode provides an opportunity for listeners to learn about agencies, programs, and/or issues impacting quality of life in this fast-growing subregion.  Catch all episodes here!

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To suggest a future COGCast episode topic, please contact Rachel Singer at rsinger@wrcog.us.

Recent Releases 

Episode 6: The One About Young Professionals. The Western Riverside County is home to approximately 200,000 college students served by both private and public colleges and universities. Once degreed, however, many students leave the region to find work elsewhere. To address this issue, local jurisdictions are participating in a new program working to develop this young talent to become competent and confident professionals who will stay in the subregion and perhaps find a career in local government. On this episode of the COGCast, we explore a unique endeavor, the WRCOG Fellowship Program. Click here to listen!

Episode 5: The One About Rats. As Western Riverside County continues to grow, conservation of the area's natural resources is critical to maintaining a healthy environment for humans and animals. A species becoming endangered is a sign that the ecosystem is failing, but wildlife conservation can catalyze restoration for the environment as a whole. Conservation agencies like the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA) play a vital role in embracing the strategic growth of urban areas to continue alongside effective conservation efforts. On this episode of the COGCast, we explore the RCHCA, the agency responsible for maintaining and restoring habitat fo rthe endangered Stephen's Kangaroo Rat. Princess Hester, Director of Administration for the RCHCA joins us on this episode. Click here to listen!

Episode 4: The One About Western Community Energy. WRCOG has been working with local governments to develop a new program, Western Community Energy, which will provide residents and businesses a choice in the energy supply it receives, enable local control over rate setting, and offer rates competitive to Southern California Edison. These programs, commonly called “Community Choice Aggregation” – or CCA’s – are growing in popularity throughout California. In this episode of the COGCast, we will explore CCA’s in more detail and are pleased to welcome Barbara Spoonhour, Deputy Executive Director of Operations for WRCOG, to the COGcast. Click here to listen!