The COGCast is a bi-weekly podcast series featuring a variety of topics and issues relevant to the western Riverside subregion in 20-minute episodes.  Every episode provides an opportunity for listeners to learn about agencies, programs, and/or issues impacting quality of life in this fast-growing subregion.  Catch all episodes here!

The COGCast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and PodBean.

To suggest a future COGCast episode topic, please contact Rachel Singer at rsinger@wrcog.us.

Recent Releases 

Episode 27: The One About Education in Riverside County.   Riverside County is home to 23 school districts and 515 schools filled with students who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With a widely diverse student population and the always changing future landscape of work, how is Riverside County’s education system positioning itself and its students for future innovation and change? On this episode of the COGcast, Dr. Judy White, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, shares about her role and what the future holds for the County’s education system. Click here to listen!

Episode 26: The One About Addressing Homelessness. This year, Riverside County’s annual Homeless Point in Time count found that there was a 20% increase in the number of people living on the streets compared to last year. County officials further provide perspective that the count is a one-day snapshot and merely represents the “visible” homeless population and not necessarily everyone who lacks a home. Nonetheless, the local impact of homelessness remains a key issue for the region. On this episode of the COGcast, Monica Sapien and Aaron Petroff from the Social Work Action Group, also known as SWAG, share their organization's approach to help the homeless in Western Riverside County.  Click here to listen. 

Episode 25: The One About SoCalGas. The Southern California Gas Company, also known as SoCalGas, is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility serving 21.8 million consumers across more than 500 communities. For over 150 years, SoCalGas has served central and southern California as a responsible and engaged environmental leader, employer and neighbor. Tune in for this episode of the COGCast as we hear from Lea Peterson, Public Affairs Manager, and Ana Aceves, Program Manager, at SoCalGas. Click here to listen.