WRCOG administers multiple PACE Programs in collaboration with its private sector partners, which provide financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation retrofits on residential and commercial properties. Financing is paid back through a lien placed on the property tax bill. All programs adhere to the PACE Consumer Protection Policies (PDF).
  1. CaliforniaFIRST Program

    CaliforniaFIRST Program

    Administered by WRCOG in partnership with Renew Financial, provides residential and commercial PACE financing to property owners. Call CaliforniaFIRST at 888-906-3560

  2. HERO Residential Program

    HERO Residential Program

    Administered by WRCOG in partnership with Renovate America, provides residential PACE financing to homeowners. Call HERO at 855-HERO-411

  3. SAMAS Commercial Program

    SAMAS Commercial Program

    Administered by WRCOG in partnership with SAMAS Capital, LLC, offers commercial PACE financing to business owners. Call SAMAS at 800-645-0687

  1. Barbara Spoonhour

    Director of Energy & Environmental Programs
    Phone: 951-955-8313

  2. Crystal Adams

    Program Manager
    Phone: 951-955-8312

  3. Mike Wasgatt

    Program Manager
    Phone: 951-955-8301

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