1. Executive

    The Executive Committee is WRCOG’s decision-making policy board.

  2. Administration & Finance

    The Administration and Finance Committee provides budget and finance overview for WRCOG in the conduct of its business.

  3. Technical Advisory

    The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) reviews information and provides recommendations to the Executive Committee for consideration.

  4. Finance Directors

    The Finance Directors' Committee (FDC) is comprised of the finance directors of WRCOG's member agencies.

  5. Planning Directors

    The Planning Directors' Committee (PDC) advises the Technical Advisory Committee and Executive Committee on issues related to planning that come before WRCOG.

  6. Public Works

    The Public Works Committee (PWC) is the technical advisory body to the Technical Advisory Committee and Executive Committee for the TUMF Program and all public works-related issues that come before WRCOG.

  7. General Assembly

    WRCOG is governed by a General Assembly comprised of elected representatives from each of WRCOG's voting member agencies.

  8. Clean Cities Coalition

    The Clean Cities Coaltion includes representatives from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, the Riverside County Executive Office, elected officials and City Managers from WRCOG member jurisdictions.

  9. Solid Waste

    The Solid Waste Committee is comprised of staff from each of WRCOG’s member agencies, and meets the 3rd Wednesday, every 2 months to discuss solid waste and recycling issues, and makes recommendations to the Technical Advisory Committee on matters directly relating to Western Riverside County.

  10. TUMF Zone Committees

    The TUMF Zone Committee meets once a year or as needed.

  11. TUMF Zone TACs

    Learn more about the TUMF Zone TAC.

  12. WRCOG Supporting Foundation

    Learn more about the WRCOG Supporting Foundation.

  13. RCHCA Board of Directors

    See meeting details from the RCHCA Board of Directors.

  14. RCHCA Reserve Managers Coordinating

    To coordinate SKR habitat management and biological monitoring activities among the individual core reserves, the RCHCA will establish a Reserve Managers Coordinating Committee (RMCC).