Legislative Platform


The 2017-2018 WRCOG Legislative Platform (Platform) is designed to provide guidance to WRCOG and its member jurisdictions on legislation that focuses on issues of mutual concern. Positions adopted by the WRCOG Executive Committee will be forwarded to Sacramento, Washington D.C., and interested parties as appropriate. By adopting this Platform, the Executive Committee provides guidance to WRCOG staff in expressing its member interests to State and Federal legislators. The Platform is adopted by WRCOG at the start of the state's two-year legislative season.

Recognizing that budget reductions and staff reassignments have impacted WRCOG's ability to commit significant time to legislative activities, staff will, to the extent possible, monitor legislation that falls within the scope of the adopted Platform. Staff will strive to also provide information on the impacts of such legislation to member agencies through WRCOG's existing Committee structure. Typically, items of legislative interest are brought to WRCOG's attention by WRCOG's member agencies, who desire to have the Agency take a position in order to demonstrate a subregional commitment to a particular issue.

If urgent action is needed, the WRCOG Executive Director and/or the Executive Committee Chair may submit position letters and/or undertake other tasks that may be necessary on legislative matters that are consistent with the areas identified in this Platform. These actions will be reported at subsequent meetings of the WRCOG Committees.

In 2010 WRCOG established seven Agency priorities: economic development, education, energy and environment, health, legislative advocacy, transportation, and water. The following Platform will build upon these established goals and guide WRCOG's role in addressing these and other issues at the subregional level.

General Advocacy

The purpose of WRCOG is to unify Western Riverside County so that it can speak with a collective voice on issues of mutual concern that cross jurisdictional lines. The intended goal of the Agency is to respect local control while providing regional perspective.

Working in coordination with its member jurisdictions, WRCOG will pursue the following advocacy goals:
  • Pursue state and federal funding to establish or enhance existing programs that promote quality of life and prosperity for Western Riverside County.
  • Oppose legislation that seeks to limit local control, reduce funding opportunities to local jurisdictions, or increase fees and taxes on residents.
  • Coordinate advocacy efforts to promote the interests of Western Riverside County to decision makers at all levels of government.

Platform Components

  1. 1. Economic Development

    Western Riverside County is a subregion rich in diversity, resources, and labor.

  2. 2. Education

    Education plays a pivotal role in the future of Western Riverside County.

  3. 3. Energy & Environment

    The efficient use and conservation of natural resources and the advancement of alternative energy sources is important to the future sustainability of Western Riverside County.

  4. 4. Health

    Activities to promote public health and ensure adequate healthcare are critical components of Western Riverside County’s future.

  5. 5. Transportation

    In order to meet the needs of Western Riverside County’s current population and sustainably accommodate future growth, the subregion must expand the capacity and efficiency of its transportation network.

  6. 6. Water

    Western Riverside County’s economic well-being and quality of life depend on securing a reliable supply of water to meet the existing and future demands of the subregion.

  7. 7. Other Local Government Issues

    The active presence and vitality of local government continues to sustain the subregion.