In 2015, WRCOG launched the BEYOND Framework Fund Program, to provide local assistance funding to help its member agencies develop and implement plans and programs that can improve the quality of life in Western Riverside County.

  2. Energy

    WRCOG’s HERO Program provides financing to property owners to implement a range of energy saving, renewable energy, and water conserving improvements to their homes and businesses.

  3. Environment & Recycling

    WRCOG is committed to assisting Riverside County with reducing the waste stream going to landfills and to encouraging recycling that protects our environment.

  4. Fellowship

    The WRCOG Public Service Fellowship, administered in partnership with University of California, Riverside and California Baptist University, is aimed at encouraging students to seek careers in public policy and local government by gaining meaningful, hands-on experience here in Western Riverside County.

  5. Finance

    The WRCOG Finance Department is responsible for budget management, payroll, purchasing, assets, accounting, debt management, investments, and financial reporting.

  6. Healthy Communities

    Our subregion’s vision for a more sustainable future is dependent on the health of our residents.

  7. Planning

    Western Riverside County's residents, businesses, organizations, and public agencies want to ensure expected growth produces a successful, sustainable, and resilient subregion that current and future generations will continue to enjoy.

  8. Transportation

    Working together with its member jurisdictions, the Riverside Transit Agency, the Riverside County Transportation Comission, and other regional entities, WRCOG conducts various transportation studies and develops plans to help address the transportation, transit, and active transportation issues in Western Riverside County.

  9. Water Task Force

    WRCOG assists with the administration of the Riverside County Water Task Force, which is comprised of various public and private agencies working together to tackle water issues on a collaborative, regional basis.